Saturday, October 25, 2014

Kate Five and The Odds

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Captain Evening and The Odds are meeting a rising super-hero star called Kate Five, from the fictional city of Angel Falls.

Everyone is quite taken with her (especially Armstrong Fatbuckle) and they even invite her to their secret Fortress Of Evening, enjoying the view of Manhattan (hey, they even put some pants on! Though once the sun comes out, that will probably change drastically).

By inviting this charming new heroine into their lair, they have effectively trusted her with their secret identities. There is NO way that will ever come back biting them in the butt, e.g. if she ever gets posessed by an evil symbiont or something...

Picture are, f.l.t.r: Blue Knight aka Inspector Dennis, Armstrong Fatbuckle aka The Living Skeleton, Kate Five, Captain Evening, Centennia and Merv the Griffin. This obviously takes place before Kate Five's recent adventures. (What if they hear about it? Will they intervene? Will they stand a chance? Will we ever find out?)

Kate Five belongs to cyberkitten01, used with kind permission. And you can read Captain Evening and The Odds twice weekly here on THE BEHOLDER and in the finely hand-crafted zines available from BirdCageBottom Books

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