A few of the questionable characters you might encounter in my transmissions. Though their paths occasionally intersect, they can be grouped into three separate realms. The Beholder will continue to structure and improve this table of elements.

Journey Into Misery: The humans Kelly and Jenkins receive superhuman powers from alien visitors and henceforth have ridiculous adventures as Invincible Woman and Mr. See-Thru. The Beholder has been following their exploits for a a while.

Tales To Behold: The extraordinary individual called Captain Evening assembles a colorful roster of more or less human specimens to fight evil such as the propostorous Dr. Brain. The Beholder will also analyze the origins and lives of the individual characters.

The Savage Planet: A mostly unexplored other world that is inhabited by savage warriors and alien invaders that The Beholder is eager to stear his attention to in the not so distant future.