Sunday, February 26, 2017

Classic Ladies from the BEHOLDERverse

Blast from the past- here are some of the characters from the early days of the BEHOLDERverse.

Terry Tornado
Former professional wrestler, part-time superhero, fitness model and spokeswoman with super strength
See her first appearance here

The Shifter aka Jenny Everywhere
a multidimensional being that exists in every reality and can move between them (and an Open Source Character)
See her and her fellow Open Source Characters here

Glow Girl
Using her mild super power of glowing in various colors, she instead embarked on a career as adult film starlet
See some of her comics appearances here

The Invincible Woman
One of the very first Beholder characters, bursting into flames, flying and having super strength, she lost her powers when separating from her partner Mr See-Thru
Read the entire Journey Into Misery here

Bonus: Rodney Rabbit
Assistant to genius super-scientist Prof Madison, always a martini in hand, always useless, but popular with the ladies!
More of Rodney here

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