Monday, May 19, 2014

Tales To Behold 4 begins now on THE BEHOLDER

The next chapter in the is about to begin here on THE BEHOLDER: It's Tales To Behold Book 4!

Finally we're getting back to the (mis-) adventures of Captain Evening and The Odds, featuring Jenny Everywhere, Merv the Griffin, Armstrong Fatbuckle the Worst Man in the World, The Blue Knight, and, making her debut at the side of our intrepid adventurers– Centennia, the most powerful hero of the Beholder world!

As our odd friends find their latest member, the mysterious Evil Cloak is secretly recruiting their enemies for some unknown purposes. Find out what it's all about, twice-weekly here on THE BEHOLDER!

Or, you can also read the comics as finely hand-crafted zines,  available through BirdCageBottom Books!

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  1. This kind of reminds me of the healer Baby (and her family) from Magical Misfits.