Friday, November 23, 2012


Despite her questionable origin, I couldn't resist to draw her–
here is The Beholder's version of the Russian Revolutionary Beauty, Octobriana.

Octobriana is "the spirit of the Russian Revolution", and a licence-free character. In the spirit of communism, she belongs to the people, and any creator can make up stories with her. Supposedly she was created in the 1960s by a group of dissident Russian artists calling themselves Progressive Political Pornography (PPP).

However, this was apparently a hoax. The true story seems to be, that Czech writer Peter Sadecký enlisted the two artists Bohumil Konečný and Zdeněk Burian to create a comic with a character called "Amazona". But Sadecký escaped to the west, stealing the art-work and published it under the new name Octobriana, with changed communist back-story, and adding the red star on her forehead. So the creation of this "license-free" character is not quite kosher to say the least. The result however, and the colorful yarn that Sadecky spun surrounding it, is quite intriguing.

Read more about her here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octobriana .
You can find more artwork here:

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