Sunday, July 26, 2015

CYBERKITTENverse Crossovers

If you follow the BEHOLDER's DeviantArt account, you might have seen that there have been numerous interactions and little stories between the BEHOLDERverseand the stories of fellow Deviant cyberkitten01. Here is a batch of the latest artworks that incorporate heroes from both worlds, plus a bonus appearance of deviant adekii's Ionic Angel.


  1. So Liath is wearing only body paint? What is with the lady in the first panel, with green hair, a demi-shirt and no bra? Emerald Valkyrie seems friendly.

    1. Liath is a mythical creature of celtic origin, and seems to be comfortable this way. The green-haired, punk-ish girl is Cassandra, who (fitting for her name) has visions of the future (and hence knows that the conflict is unnecessary). I really like Emerald Valkyrie!