Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Oddest!

I commissioned fellow Deviant tulio19mx to create this great group pic, inspired by the latest storyline by cyberkitten01.
I only told hime which characters to use, the rest is all his doing. Thanks so much tulio!

It features Centennia and Captain Perfect from Tales To Behold, teaming up with cyberkitten01's Kate Five, Battle Angel and Emerald Valkyrie, and their surrounding looks… hellish!

In the current storyline of Kate Five Vs Symbiote, she and her friends are staying with Captain Evening and The Odds, and Centennia and Captain Perfect have just caught up with them, too. Meanwhile, Nexi Girl and Aqua Marine are still in the Underworld, and her symbiotic is suffering from the separation…

Thanks to the always generous cyberkitten01 for letting me borrow his characters, and once again to tulio19mx for another stunning image!

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