Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Search For Kate Five 1-3

This short comic is taking place after the current Tales To Behold storyline.
Centennia reminisces about the events in Symbiote Surprise, a crossover comic drawn by DeviantArtist cyberkitten01 featuring my characters going up against his femme fatale Kate Five.

Now Centennia decides to travel to Angel Falls to investigate the current whereabouts of the symbiotic troublemaker. She visits some interesting places that those characters have been to… The entire story leads up to the next crossover with the cyberkittenverse, as you can see by the ending. Really fun to do a shorter story again!

I got inspired to do these two extra pieces. The first showcases the tangled web of emotional connections around Centennia right now– she is seeking out Kate Five, her sort-of boyfriend tags along, and she has an interesting run-in with the vampire Marcus. Who will she end up? Possibly none of them??

And finally, a drawing of Centennia based on a design of cyberkitten01 himself. Probably for when she returns to the Bleeding Rose club, after the adventure is over.

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