Saturday, January 17, 2015

Terry Tornado and Friends

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Sometimes, the auxiliary characters are almost more fun to draw than the main ones! These guys have had a long history in the BEHOLDER Universe, and sometimes have been called The B-Team!

Terry Tornado, former wrestler and part-time super-hero, first showed up in a short story in Journey Into Misery 3 and subsequently was part of the Singularity War in JIM 4, and helped defend the city as a spontaneously assembled super-team in Journey 5.

Mysto the Space-Wizard first appeared in Tales To Behold 1, where he tricked Armagedda into not obliterating earth.

Rodney Rabbit  is resident super-scientist's Prof Madison's useless assistant and boyfriend, and first appeared in Journey Into Misery 2.

Finally, there is Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, former super-spies and how free agents, who had their first appearance in a short back-up story in Tales To Behold 1.

All of them fought or at least appeared together in the Singularity War in JIM4, and fought as a team to defend the city in JIM5.

If you like to know more about them, you can also pick up the printed comics at BirdCageBottom Books!

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