Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Happy New Year & New Friends

Happy New Year, from The Beholder's Universe to yours!
Many new comics await you in 2013, and two new books will come out, Journey Into Misery 5 in the spring, and Tales To Behold 4 in the fall.

In the last year, The Beholder made many new friends, at events as well as online. Some of them have brought new readers to the Dark Dimension. And since The Beholder is careful about the balance of the universe, let us return the favor and send some cosmic spaceships their way.

These are sites related and inspired by the now defunct Covered Blog. The Beholder has submitted a couple of works to them, under his pseudonym Paul Hoppe.

is a webcomic by Gwendolyn Patton, starring our favorite public domain charater.

The Shifter Archive
Speaking of which, this is the source for all things Jenny.

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan
Webcomics by Reinder Dijkhuis, a vast universe of elves and warriors and all sorts of beings, many of which prefer to be au naturel, just like our Kelly and Jenkins.

The Bare Pit
Speaking of au naturel, here is the mother of all textile-free webcomics.

Anuj Shrestha's Tumblr:
On a different note, a very talented humanoid who is obsessed with replacing the heads of all earthlings with plant-like growths.

And finally, if you like this place, you might want to venture to Deviant Art, where The Beholder has started to build an outpost far away from his own universe.

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