Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BEHOLDER Book Sightings in New York

Good news, mortals! Some of the handsome pamphlets chronicling the events in the Beholder universe are now available at Time Machine, NY (pictured above), and Desert IslandBrooklyn.

Edit: They are available for online order through BirdCageBottom Books!


  1. Are the Tales to Behold books available ANYWHERE (like to order)? Is it POD?

  2. Thanks for swinging by, fesworks, and thanks for asking. Since I'm doign this as a labor of love, the books are mostly available in stores here in NY.

    But I'm thinking about a solution to make them available online, either through print on demand, or by offering a bundle deal, or maybe an online distributor. Please stay tuned…

  3. Have you at all looked into Print on Demand, like Ka-Blam or other ones? With the pages (30 pages?), it may be possible/cheaper to print them into one collection. If you would like me to help you look into option, feel free to email me. There are several options/companies, and with B&W it should be very affordable to check out several.

    1. Yes, I've looked into Ka-Blamm, I'm still figuring how it works best in my particular case. My handmade covers are more popular in the stores than any POD stuff I tried… But I'll definitely offer collected volumes at some point.

    2. …and thanks for offering your help! The Jenny Everywhere event has brought a lot of visitors, which is exciting.