Friday, May 20, 2011

Gallery of Superheroes: The Invincible Woman

Real Name: “Kelly”
Profession: Investment Broker
Species: Human
First Appearance: Journey Into Misery #1
Special Powers: Super-strength, e.g can lift cars and can exchange punches with giant robots. Furthermore, she can burst into flames, which enables her to fly, heat up leftovers and shoot fire. Unfortunately, it also cause her outfits and accessories to burn, so she tries avoiding this power if she wears expensive threads.
Origin of Powers: Vanilla Puddings of Riegel 6 in a flying saucer captured her together with Jenkins. The aliens experimented with them, which resulted in their special abilities. To express her gratitude she destroyed the entire spaceship with everybody on board.
Likes: Money, power
Dislikes: Jenkins
Affiliations: The Terrific Two (which is just a name Jenkins made up for the two of them).
Stomping grounds: New York City

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