Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tales To Behold 8: Beware The Combinator Page 1

Aaaand we are back, in the very first full adventure of the brand-new line-up of The Odds!
Featuring characters by James Damaged and Burst Lion


  1. Replies
    1. Like good ol Macho Man would have said– OOOO YEAH!

  2. Paul, are you sure that this arc is not TTB09? In my hard drive, I already have over 20 JPEGs labelled TTB08, including a cover image in blue of a bunch of people coming out of Prof Madison's wading pool with evil (?) Centennia in the background.

    1. Cor thank you for keeping track! I am planning to make TTB8 a double story issue, like the previous ones… so look for at least anther 20 pages coming up to make the book complete, with two arcs!

    2. Since this story will be a nice introduction and a bit more of a traditional and classic villain of the week adventure, I might even change the cover to this one!