Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Adventures Of The Human Tree Debuting at Comic Arts Brooklyn 2017

BEHOLD! It's been a year since one of the cellulose manifestations of the BEHOLDER's wild observations have appeared, so it is time again!

Comic Arts Brooklyn
Saturday, Nov 11
at Pratt Institute

THE BEHOLDER will present the latest installment of his Gonzo Superhero Tales for purchase:

Adventures Of The Human Tree:
A Journey Into Misery Story

32 pages, 2-color risograph inside, and three color on the cover and selected interior pages.

This marks the return of Kelly from Journey Into Misery 1-5, the series that started it all.
It also features super-scientist Prof Madison, Rodney the alcoholic Rabbit, some new baddies, and of course the titular character. Surprise appearance of Mysto the Space Wizard!

Come hither and get what you deserve! And complete your collection with a whole lot of back issues. But once they're gone, they're gone!

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