Sunday, August 31, 2014

Glorious Action Sans Textiles

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Apparently these mighty heroes were called into action just in the middle of laundry day. But that doesn’t stop them! Read their adventures (not always in the nude!) twice weekly here on THE BEHOLDER or get them fresh from BirdCageBottom Books!


  1. Going into combat without your armour sounds like a bad idea. Clothing tends to serve two purposes: protection (from cold, from chainsaws, from lances, from bullets, etc.) or advertising (e.g. push-up bra, tight pants, etc.), sometimes both. Nudists tends to downplay the second use, but consider that protection is a very valid reason for wearing stuff. This is a situation where having all your tools, including armour, to be a good idea. ;)

    1. Thank you for your comment, as always... Definitely not the most realistic scenario, and not the smartest of The Odds! But thankfully the enemies play fair and right away dispose of lances, chainsaws and costumes, to meet our heroes on equal ground :-D