Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jenny Everywhere Day 2013

My submission for Jenny Everywhere Day 2013:
For this year, I wanted to do something special, on a bit of a bigger scale. I've been doing renditions / homages to the many versions of our favorite public domain character for the past year or so, and now I decided to draw them all together. An extraordinary collision of various realities and universes! (Click to enlarge)

And here's a key where these versions are from:

Left side, from upper left:
The Crossover Thingie  by Mikael Oskarsson
Fan art for Plush and Blood: The Unstuffed by FesWorks
Holiday Pandemonium by Alex Hernandez and drawn by Andres Allocco
Ask Jenny by Zack Holmes
The Bare Pit, by Noodtonist
(notice the similarity to mine; are they the same???)
Nelson Evergreens version from his various Jenny comics
Jenny Nowhere from 
Jenny Everywhere Chronicles by Benji Christensen and Scott D.M. Simmons 

In the center is my version, from Tales To Behold.

Right side:
When Casting Calls, by Jason Frank, Art by Scott Wegner, Color by Lawrence Basso, Lettering by Jeff Powel.
 P.S.I. / Crossing Over Worlds by FesWorks
Soulless Mate, written by Alex Hernandez, art by Scott D. M. Simmons
WcTV News / Webcomic TV / The adventures of JennyEverywhere by Christopher Shultz
Jenny Everywhere Infinite: QuarkTime by Gwendolyn Patton

Three cheers for these original creators, and for Benji Christensen and FesWorks for working so hard on getting the word about this great character out. Hope to see your version some day!

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