Monday, January 28, 2013

The Many Faces of Jenny Everywhere Pt 2

To break it up a little bit, this week feast your eyes on a little special about our favorite dimension-shifting heroine. On my travels through the universe, I found some more bad@$$ versions of Jenny Everywhere, to which yours truly decided to pay tribute.

The first homage of today is from this story: http://theshifterarchive.com/HolidayPandemonium/, as scripted by Alex Hernandez and drawn by Andres Allocco. Their cussing and swearing Jenny spends some time in Greece and is looking for "a shag". Can the mythological creature she encounters help her? Can anybody?

Our second Jenny homage of the day is actually her arch-nemesis, Jenny Nowhere, as portrayed by Benji Christensen and Scott D.M. Simmons in the currently defunct Jenny Everywhere Chronicles. You can see a pic of this version on the bottom of this page: http://pdsh.wikia.com/wiki/Jenny_Nowhere

Of course, these homages are done with great respect to the original creators who own the copyright of these particular designs and hopefully will enjoy my cosmic interpretations. You can find out more about Jenny Everywhere here.

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