Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Many Faces of Jenny Everywhere

It's fascinating to see the different incarnations of our favorite dimension-shifting, open source character. The Beholder wanted to pay tribute and homage to some of the versions out there, by redrawing their designs in his own, unimitable way…

This is Jenny Everywhere Blue, from
Gwendolyn Patton's Jenny Everywhere Infinite: QuarkTime.
In this comic alone, there are many different versions of Jenny.
This is JennyDavid, from the time when she merged with her boyfriend
into a powerful being. Read about it in the classic story Soulless Mate,
written by Alex Hernandez, with artwork by Scott D. M. Simmons.

And finally, something that might be not quite safe for work, even though it's utterly harmless:
A drawing of Jenny's incarnation in the naturist comic The Bare Pit. The Bare Pit is created by Steven Crowley, who'll hopefully find the time to resume the strip next year.

All rights for these specific designs are of course with the individual creators. Hope you liked these– I will post some more soon.

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